8. Requirements Engineering Tagung 2009

LFK auf der REConf® 2009

Titel des Vortrags: Reqtify the glue for Object Oriented Design and Requirement Engineering

Datum und Uhrzeit: Mittwoch, 11. März 2009, 09:50 Uhr

Raum: ROM

Level: Einsteiger

Abstract: The challenge of the large scale military program is the handling of a huge amount of requirements developed at multiple sites located in 3 countries. Due to this situation, a seamless support of the workflow must be provided by the tools environment. It was requested to use the RoseRT, RequisitePro and ClearCase as basic tools. Unfortunately these tools are very loose coupled, so we added Reqtify as the “glue tool” in order to provide a tight coupling.

The presentation will show the requirement engineering activities for the individual V-Model development steps and the valuable support of those activities with Reqtify. The focus will be on the capability of Reqtify to bring RoseRT and RequisitePro information’s in a mean full relationship.
The workflow, developed for this program, will be presented to demonstrate the benefits which can be achieved by using Reqtify for analysis methods like tractability analysis for upstream, and downstream, coverage and impact analysis. These analyses capabilities are also used to monitor and check the quality of subcontractor delivered products.

Furthermore the presentation will cover the activities for safety critical requirements compliant to DO-178B and the provided support of Reqtify.

Finally the necessary customization of Reqtify, to support the program workflow, will be presented.

Dieter Wagner is acting a software architect in a large scale military program developed by the company LFK. He is working since several years in the area of system design and development based on V-model method and UML. In the year 2006 he became the “expert on requirement engineering and subsystem design” in LFK technical carrier, since than he is responsible for requirement engineering techniques across the company LFK. Dieter Wagner is author of several publications in the area UML, V-Model, Test/Validation and requirements engineering.

23. April 2009

REConf® goes Switzerland … Sprecher gesucht

Vom 22. bis 24. September 2009 veranstalten wir erstmals die REConf® Schweiz in Zürich.

18. März 2009

REConf 2009 trotzt der Finanzkrise

Auch 2009 wieder hoher Besucherzuspruch.

07. März 2009

IBM Rational Jazz, TeamConcert und Requirements Composer

Roadshow an verschiedenen Standorten.

07. März 2009

Ken Schwaber kommt nach München

2-tägiger Scrum Master Zertifizierungsworkshop mit Ken Schwaber

07. März 2009

SCRUM und EssUP - agil trifft erfolgreich

Intensiv-Workshops mit Ivar Jacobson