8. Requirements Engineering Tagung 2009

Kugler Maag CIE auf der REConf® 2009

Titel des Vortrags: Gathering Customer’s Requirements in an Agile Environment

Datum und Uhrzeit: Mittwoch, 11. März 2009, 11:55 Uhr


Level: Einsteiger

Abstract: Probably the most remarkable change to software development in the last few years has been the appearance of a new style of software methodology – referred to as agile methods. Agile methods primarily address the problems of rapid change. They treat change as an equal partner in the project, trying to processes that adapt and thrive on change. The traditional methods treat change as enemy. They accept that it cannot be avoided, so they spend much effort to control it and mitigate its effects. This fundamental difference has also an influence on the approach to requirements management system.

In my presentation, I would like to show how to manage requirements in an agile environment. I would like to present the technique of expressing requirements as user stories, which are one of the most broadly applicable practices introduced by the agile processes. I will look at how to identify and write good user stories; what tools to use when creating user stories; how user stories are used to gather customer requirements and what are the essential elements of them. I will also explore how user role modeling can help when gathering initial stories of the project.

Mariusz Chrapko is a Process Consultant in Kugler Maag CIE (Suttgart).  He has helped numerous organizations in a variety of business areas to improve their software engineering processes. He has specialized in CMMI® and SPICE/ ISO15504 models, software metrics and peer reviews. He has planned and deployed improvement initiatives based on agile practices (e.g. Extreme Programming, SCRUM). Formerly has worked as Software Quality Engineer and Agile Coach in Motorola Poland Software Center, where has implemented Scrum Project Management methodology across the development teams in combination with agile engineering practices. He has developed and published numerous articles and research papers on software engineering; he is also a Certified ISO/IEC 15504 Provisional Assessor (Automotive Spice®).

23. April 2009

REConf® goes Switzerland … Sprecher gesucht

Vom 22. bis 24. September 2009 veranstalten wir erstmals die REConf® Schweiz in Zürich.

18. März 2009

REConf 2009 trotzt der Finanzkrise

Auch 2009 wieder hoher Besucherzuspruch.

07. März 2009

IBM Rational Jazz, TeamConcert und Requirements Composer

Roadshow an verschiedenen Standorten.

07. März 2009

Ken Schwaber kommt nach München

2-tägiger Scrum Master Zertifizierungsworkshop mit Ken Schwaber

07. März 2009

SCRUM und EssUP - agil trifft erfolgreich

Intensiv-Workshops mit Ivar Jacobson